A bumpy ride

Bump signBump has to be the silliest road sign of them all. Of all the travails that confront drivers, a bump in the road is the least of our worries. Deer crossing signs are a close second, for the obvious reason: Deer cannot read, or at least not in English, and so they are clueless as to where it is safe or unsafe to cross.

Just today, only a few miles after encountering the bump in the road and the sign that announced it, there was a doe and her fawn standing in the middle of the road. They did not continue crossing the highway until I’d come to a complete stop. It was several miles later that there was a sign informing the deer that this was the place to cross.

But back to the “Bump.” If not for the sign as I was driving this morning I might not have even noticed the slight ripple in the road. And, regardless of that, what was this warning prompting me to do? Slow down? Really? The problem, as our infrastructure deteriorates, is that bumpy roads are becoming so prevalent that we could justifiably erect “Bump” signs every few feet. In the spring when even the best of roads are pocked with potholes, there are no signs warning us of gaping holes ready to consume our cars.

But if there are highway signs warning us of oftentimes unobtrusive bumps in the road, there might be benefit in markers to indicate the bumps we are about to confront from minute to minute and day to day in our lives. A warning of the bump that’s about to occur when we say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time, the bump awaiting us when we answer the phone that has just rung, the bump that accompanies so many choices and circumstances that result in regret, heartache, misunderstanding, accident and, let’s be honest, sin.

Of course the notice of such bumps could be almost debilitating. Fearing an outcome that we cannot anticipate, beyond the simple warning, might force us into shells of dread and apprehension that slow us down to the point of almost going nowhere, taking no risks, confronting no challenge, not only failing to seize the moment but any moment. We know there will be bumps, some we’ll avoid and others we’ll fall into, some deeper than others, but by God’s grace and some ingenuity we’ll keep driving and living, knowing that a sign probably would have been of no help.

However, if deer could learn to read … TL


1 thought on “A bumpy ride

  1. Sometimes it is good to review the bumps in the rear view mirror. We have traveled over them and our car is still in tact, at least we hope the wheels continue to be aligned. Reminding ourselves more often of the activity of God in our lives that has assisted us as we hit those bumps does a great deal of good to help us know with increased faith that we can and do continue to sail along bumps or not. Human nature, however, seems to take the road of uncertainty and lack of faith as often as not. Too bad!

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