Before, then and now

white-house-fogIt’s been foggy all day here in central Minnesota, my temporary home, which kind of matches my disposition. However, I’d prefer to be in a fog than a funk. The foggy weather has limited outdoor distractions and compelled me to catch-up on some long-overdue magazine reading. This afternoon I crawled through October, November and December, which meant reading about the election before, during and after. Some was terribly dated, too much woefully off target, but much of it still interesting.

Here are a few highlights from America, the Jesuit’s national Catholic magazine:

BEFORE: First is an essay by Elizabeth Dias, a religion writer for Time magazine. I’ve read several commentaries regarding the “spirituality of Donald Trump,” but I’ve found most of them lacking. If you go to the section of this article subtitled “The Prosperity Preachers,” I think we get the best assessment of what makes the new President click when it comes to belief and God. Which only enhances my confusion as to how this fits with all the prayers we’ve heard in Washington the past two days for justice, equality and blessing of the poor.

THEN: Shortly after the election, Jesuit Jim McDermott, in “Our Election, Our President” used an amusing story to convey a harsh and complicated reality.

NOW: Finally, America‘s editors responded on Friday to the disconcerting “America First” angle of the President’s inaugural address. You’ll also find a link to Pope Francis’ congratulatory and homiletic message to President Trump.

The reading is intersting and the insights profound, but, alas, it is still foggy.  TL


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